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Kids Finger Paint featured as one of its top Apps for Kids.  As the Play Store puts it:

"The simple controls and shake-to-clear action makes this ideal to encourage art and creativity in young children."

Kid's Finger Paint 2.0.22 Released


Kids Finger Paint v2.0.22 was published on the Google Play Store and Amazon appstore today. Version 2.0 adds support for tablets as well as an undo option.

Kids Finger Paint

Recent reviews from our users:

  • Well done. Kid's like, grand's /mom's love pics mms
  • Brilliant app, worth EVERY penny
  • Very good app. My kids play this all the time!

Short instructions for Kids Finger Paint.

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ParentMap Top 20 Educational Apps


Featured In

Kids Finger Paint has been featured as a Top 20 Educational App for Kids by ParentMap. Kids Finger Paint

From the review:

"Spin the color wheel to choose a color and get ready to create a masterpiece! This finger painting app features fun, seasonal backgrounds to color and easy prompts for young children to understand."

Kids Finger Paint v1.9 Released!


Kids Finger Paint v1.9 was published on the Android Market today. Version 1.9 adds seasonal background colors and images as well as support for installation on SD card.

Top 10 Educational App!



screenshot 1Kids Finger Paint has been selected as a Top 10 Educational App for Kids by Best Android Apps Review.  According to the review:

"If you have a young child beginning to learn the alphabet, numbers, colors, etc. they will definitely love these apps. It's important to make learning fun and smartphone apps are definitely a new and exciting way to engage your kids."


"[Kids Finger Paint] is a great way to let your kids express themselves.

Kids Finger Paint v1.6 Released!


Kids Finger Paint v1.6 was published on the Android Market today. Version 1.6 adds a feature to erase the screen when the user long-presses the BACK button.

Kids Finger Paint v1.5 Released!


Kids Finger Paint v1.5 was published on the Android Market today. Version 1.5 makes it a snap to save your painting and share it with family and friends via share options

Droid Daily Reviews Kids Finger Paint


Kids Finger Paint was reviewed by Droid Daily.  An excerpt:  "Hey dear readers, what do you do when your children play your phone? Do you want to get a fun app for them?  If so, I will recommend an app called Kids Finger Paint!"

Android Central Reviews Kids Finger Paint


Phil Nickinson of Android Central posted a great review of Kids Finger Paint on Android Central, saying "Now I'm the coolest parent in the car."




Kids Finger Paint

screenshot 1Great entertainment for your kids. Kid's Finger Paint is designed with young children in mind.

Simple and Fun!

  • Just draw on the screen.
  • Use more fingertip to get a thicker brush. Try it out!
  • Touch the color wheel to change colors.
  • If you pick the random color, you get a different color on each brush stroke.
  • Shake to clear the screen.

No Hassles!

  • No menus to confuse your child.
  • No ads to lead your child off onto the Internet.
  • The BACK and SEARCH buttons are blocked while Kid's Finger Paint is active, so your child won't accidentally press one and leave the app.
  • Your phone won't go to sleep until at least 5 minutes after your child's last brush stroke..